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  1. Não achei o tópico no busca, então...
  2. De graça até Dezembro. Download do jogo (Direto. Arquivo ZIP): http://game-dl.cdn.nicovideo.jp/game-dl/mgtnsynchro_1.01.zip Vídeo/gif para se ter noção: https://s2-allgamesdelta.s-ul.eu/QZiGrM5s no estilo metroidvania.
  3. Tenta pelos emuladores: MGS1 MGS2 tem versão própria. Então fica a sua vontade: Ela ou um emulador. MGS3
  4. DLC livre. Unleash Fire and Ice in The Surge with new, free Weapon DLC Dystopian action-RPG The Surge is releasing today its first post-release DLC for free, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players. Deck13’s hardcore sci-fi adventure has you fighting for survival in a facility ruined by a mysterious event called the Surge. Utilize your powerful exo-suit as you sever limbs, parts, and weaponry from your enemies using The Surge’s unique targeting mechanics and tight combat system. This free DLC brings 10 new weapons to the game – 5 of fire and 5 of ice – and you will have to fight for them. Representing fire are the new MG-branded weapons. These high-tech military weapons are deadlier versions of CREO’s riot control products, capable of high physical damage with low elemental damage. Repeatedly attacking humanoid enemies with these red-hot blades will create a powerful fire-based explosion. Also available in this DLC, the ice weapons cometh! These are CREO’s space travel testing tools, concepts and prototypes constructed in their very own R&D labs. These weapons were created to test materials in the cold darkness of space, and can harness extremely low temperatures. They are not designed for combat, however, so they have low physical damage but high elemental damage. Wielding these weapons provide a passive bonus to health. Once the DLC is installed, consult the security memo and the CREO newsletter added to your inventory's Organizer, and use their clues to locate these 10 deadly weapons and tear them from the limbs of your foes! This is just the beginning – the Surge’s upcoming Premium DLC ‘A Walk in the Park’ releases later this year. Players will be able to get new weapons, fight new enemies, and explore an abandoned amusement park. This will also include a new free content update that improves the end-game experience for high-level players. The Surge’s Fire and Ice Weapon Pack is now available (for free)