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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance oficial (trailer de 8 min)

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Saiu e esta maravilhoso

depois do jogao que foi do PSP, e continuando a historia dele

ponto negativo: cagaram no design colorido demais dos inimigos deste

prefiro os verses, nobody, heartless

mas animacao de rosto como sempre otima, mundos novos, e um monte de personagem da mitologia KH

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É incrível como os personagens da Disney estupram sem dó os da Square em personalidade, originalidade e design.

Deu até vergonha alheia dos templates genéricos da Square neste jogo.

Aquele cabelo branco ali eu já vi em uns 35 jogos japoneses só neste ano. Alguns mudaram a cor e tal pra tentar disfarçar, mas até o trailer de FF Versus tem. Na cor preta kkkk

Já a orelha do Mickey não existe em lugar algum a não ser nele. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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curti não.

tentei jogar isso no Ds na época mas era paredes e paredes de texto pra pouca coisa.

Tenho raiva desse jogo até hoje

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Junto ao Super Mario Land 3D e Resident Evil Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance foram a trinca que me faz querer comprar o 3DS o mais rápido possível. Agora é só esperar o anuncio dele nos Eua.

E o final do trailer é mind blow total p/ quem acompanha a franquia e jogou o Birth by Sleep.

Edited by Mike

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Junto ao Super Mario Land 3D e Resident Evil Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance foram a trinca que me faz querer comprar o 3DS o mais rápido possível. Agora é só esperar o anuncio dele nos Eua.

E o final do trailer é mind blow total p/ quem acompanha a franquia e jogou o Birth by Sleep.


Pra quem nao jogou o BBS foi o maior spoiler da serie imagino.

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Os 3 melhores jogos do ano que vem serao da Square HUAIUAIU

Haters gonna hate.

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Vi isso ontem. Já é o terceiro jogo da mesma empresa a provavel GOTY do ano q vem.

Nem uma novidade ai.

É por isso que a Square não muda o cardápio. Porque os fãs estão satisfeitos com a mesma merda sendo cagada no prato sempre.

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Os textos do vídeo, traduzidos:

The long version of the trailer played outside the booth.

Yen Sid’s voice is heard. During this scene the pre-rendered movie of Sora and Riku fighting Xehanort is shown.

Master Xehanort was transformed into the figure of a talented Keyblade Master, and he stood in the way of those who used the Keyblade to safeguard the light, however it is not over yet…

The screen is split in two, the left side with Sora and the right with Riku. They don’t seem aware of each other’s situations. They speak simultaneously.

Sora: This is…

Riku: This is…

Sora: Traverse Town?

Riku: Traverse Town?

Riku: My clothes changed…

Sora: Huh, my clothing changed!

Sora: Rikuuu! Heeey!

Riku: Sora! Where are you, Sora?!

Joshua: It appears this world is just like ours, seemingly split into two parts.

Sora and Neku are in Traverse Town.

Neku: Sakuraba Neku, that’s my name.

Sora: Sakuraba… Neku… What a cool name!

Neku: It’s nothing special.

Shiki and Riku.

Shiki is holding her Mr. Mew stuffed toy.

Shiki: You’ll protect little ol’ me, won’t you? Mr. Knight?

Riku: Kn-knight? I’m no such thing!

Shiki turns her gaze away from Riku.

Shiki: Though I’d be in serious trouble if I returned…

Mickey: Maleficent! What in the world do you want?

Maleficent: You know of Xehanort, don’t you?

Mickey: What do you want with him?

Maleficent: I’ve spoken before with him, about the seven pure lights that exist in worlds. It’s said if you possess those seven lights, then the world is yours.

Pinocchio is trapped in a cage.

Pinocchio: Huh? Oh no, what happened to my nose!

(In the open mega theater, the Blue Fairy appears and says: It’s because you told a lie.)

Jiminy: You must have told a lie to make it grow like that!

Pinocchio: I didn’t lie! Someone in a black coat said to play with Sora here!

Frollo: You are not to leave this place. This is the only safe place for you…

Quasimodo’s looks down toward the floor.

In the Three Musketeers world.

Sora: This is the Keyblade!

Mickey: Shh, I know! You must have come from another world! In fact, I’m in this world acting as a musketeer for something too.

Sora tilts his head.

Sora: Is this a world in a time when the King doesn’t know me?

Riku opens a large treasure chest, inside is Minnie.

Riku: Minnie!

Rhyme and moogle floating in air.

Rhyme: It doesn’t bother me at all! My memories, they’ll come back instantly if there’s a chance!

Beat: Come on out, Dream Eaters!

Beat stands prepared as a Dream Eater appears before him.

Sora and Neku stand together as a Neko Cat swerves between them.

Sora: Hey Neku, that’s a Dream Eater, right?

Neku: Ah yeah, they’re helping you out too aren’t they?

Suddenly a man in an Organization hood appears.

Sora: You!

The man summons a large Dream Eater.

Neku: This isn’t what we promised!

As Neku raises his voice, he flies at the man.

Sora takes on a fighting stance, but then he becomes sleepy all of a sudden and starts to fall.

Sora: What is this…? I feel so sleepy all of a sudden…

The trailer shows scenes with Sora gliding in a world that looks like a shooting game and Sora being attacked by a Dream Eater while riding a carriage.

(In Yen Sid’s voice)

In your first journey, you brought back those worlds that had been drowned in darkness, but among those some of them were not returned completely, the gate didn’t reach the sleeping parts of those worlds. Consequently, even Heartless cannot trespass into them, there exists another kind of darkness in the sleeping worlds thus the majority of the Heartless in those worlds change.

They are the creatures that consume dreams, the Dream Eaters. Among the Dream Eaters there are those that plant bad dreams and thrive upon them called Nightmares. However, friendly ones known as Spirits exist as well. It is said that these two existences will guide you to the keyholes of the sleeping worlds, just like the Heartless lead you to the door to the heart of the worlds.

Next the trailer shows AR functions that let you interact with a Dream Eater in the palm of your hand, as well as scenes from Tron Legacy, Sora riding Dream Eaters in a co-op attack, and other scenes.

These scenes are shown in a pre-rendered movie.

A picture book opens and Destiny Island is shown like a popup book. On the island, Sora and Donald come down, Kairi and Riku look over their shoulder. Sora and Riku fight Xemnas. Roxas is shown fighting Axel with two Keyblades, Roxas tosses a Keyblade to Xion, Kairi glides into Sora, Sora floats down a spiraling staircase, Kairi reaches her hand out and changes into Namine. Sora and Riku fight Xemnas at the Keyblade Graveyard.

It seems like some of these past scenes have been remade in the pre-rendered style. Though it looks like they used Visual Works to make it, it’s beautiful anyways! The fusion between distortion and reality is done so well, it’s a very polished visual.

Sora is collapsed on the beach of a coast. He slowly rises…

Sora: This is place is like Yen Sid said, the world is like watching a dream that you can’t wake up from… If you don’t wake up from this world, you can’t return to your original one.

Joshua: One could say it seems the same but it’s a totally different world… Get it?

Riku: Like a dream?

A scene where Pinocchio is swallowed by the whale.

Sora: Pinocchio! Jiminy!

Sora, Donald, Goody, and Mickey in the Three Musketeers world.

Mickey stands upon a boat, across from Pete.

Mickey: Stop right there Pete!

Pete just smirks.

Joshua speaks to Neku who has his back turned to him.

Joshua: You’re not giving up, are you Neku? Give up on the world, and you give up on yourself.

Riku: Why are you here?!

He turns his sword towards Ansem who stands before him.

Axel, Ienzo (Zexion), and Aeleus (Lexaeus) stand before one’s eyes.

Axel wears the Organization coat.

Axel: What a drag. I’ve been looking for you. I’m the one who always gets stuck doing the dirty jobs.*

(It’s a 358/2 Days quote, I can’t remember it’s localization off the top of my head though.)

Notre dame.

Phoebus faces Esmeralda.

Phoebus: Frollo and his minions are coming. You must prepare to leave here at once!

After saying so, Frollo appears.

Frollo: Thanks to you, Captain Phoebus.

His mouth twists into a smile.

Phoebus returns it with a regrettable scowl.

Three Musketeers world.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Sora raise their swords.

Together: All for one, and one for all!

Riku facing Quasimodo.

Riku: People can’t judge you by your appearance. I also have a friend who saw through me into my heart.

Sora to Joshua.

Sora: It’s okay, my heart is always connected to Riku’s, so I’m sure even your feelings are transmitted to him!

Riku stands before a person with an Organization coat.

Riku: Who are you?

The person removes their hood, and their face is the same as Riku’s.

Riku: Me?!

Xemnas: Even within a heartless doll, a heart resides…?

Sora: Don’t you all have hearts too?

Maleficent and Pete are confronted by Mickey and co. then suddenly Axel appears.

He points at his own face as he speaks.

Axel: My name is Lea, got it memorized?

(Though he calls himself Lea, he wears the Organization coat and looks like Axel.)

Riku: Who… are you?

Before him stands Terranort.

Terranort stands in front of Sora.

Terranort: Aren’t there hearts confined within you too?

Sora: You’re from that time! What are you talking about?

Young Terranort and Vanitas: Hearts other than your own!

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Has A Fantasia World

fantasia_thumb.jpgSora and Riku will travel to "Symphony of Sorcery" a new world in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance based on the classic Disney film Fantasia. V-Jump revealed the level which shows Sorcerer Mickey standing in front of Sora.

One scene shows Mickey commanding brooms holding buckets and another has Riku in a room with flying music notes. Those notes came from the darkness and it appears Riku has to capture them.

Jump also has a look at Sora decked out in his Tron Legacy costume, which you can see here. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is slated for release this spring.

Como grande fan da serie, estava esperando esse mundo a muito tempo.

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