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  1. Finalmente veremos o pode da nuvem? XD
  2. Marcellus

    Nintendo LABO

    PQP Vou voltar pra minha toca!
  3. Marcellus

    Vendo Jogos de PS4 e Nintendo Switch

    Ainda tem Final Fantasy XV?
  4. Marcellus

    [VENDO] GTX 1070 - R$ 1.900

    R$ 1.900 Placa com menos de dois meses de uso. Comprei para mineiração de cryptocoin, mas resolvi abandonar o projeto. Quem for de Brasília, pode retirar em mãos. Posso criar anúncio no MercadoLivre, se for interesse do comprador. https://br.msi.com/Graphics-card/GEFORCE-GTX-1070-GAMING-X-8G.html#hero-overview Especificações Marca MSI Modelo GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G GPU NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1070 Interface PCI Express x16 3.0 Core Clock 1797 MHz / 1607 MHz (OC Mode) 1771 MHz / 1582 MHz (Gaming Mode) 1683 MHz / 1506 MHz (Silent Mode) Tamanho da Memória 8192 Tipo da Memória GDDR5 Interface da Memória 256-bit Velocidade do Clock da Memória 8108 MHz (OC Mode) 8010 MHz (Gaming Mode) 8010 MHz (Silent Mode) Saídas 3 X DisplayPort 1 X HDMI 1 X DL-DVI-D Resolução Máxima 7680 x 4320 Monitores Suportados 4 HDCP 2.2 DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5 Multi-GPU SLI, 2-Way Tamanho 279 x 140 x 42mm Consumo 150W Conectores 1 X 6-pin 1 X 8-pin
  5. Marcellus

    Vendo PS4

    Pessoal, Estou vendendo meu PS4. Está funcionando perfeitamente e acompanha um controle. Valor - R$ 1.000 Estou em Brasília/DF
  6. Marcellus

    [VENDO] Xbox One - R$ 800

  7. Marcellus

    [VENDO] Xbox One - R$ 800

    Só tenho controle.
  8. Marcellus

    [VENDA] Jogos - PS4/PS3/XBOX360/XBO/WII/WIIU

    É sim. É a primeira versão.
  9. Vou casar ano que vem, ajudem, chapas! haha Sou de Brasilia/DF. Valores por plataforma: PS3 - R$ 35 PS4 - R$ 55 XBO - R$ 55 360 - R$ 35 Wii - R$ 35 WiiU - R$ 55 Segue a lista: PS4 Dead or Alive 5 PS4 Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Lords of The Fallen PS4 Knack PS4 Murdered PS4 Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 Shadow of Mordor PS4 Watch Dogs PS4 Wolfenstein The New Order PS4 Destiny PS4 Pes 2015 Pro Evolution Soccer PS4 Thief PS4 Battlefield Hard Line PS4 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag PS4 The Elder Scrolls Xbox One Dead Rising Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Rise Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One Halo The Master Chief Colletion Xbox One Rare Replay Xbox One Ryse Son of Rome Xbox One Forza Motosport 5 Xbox One Hald 5 Guardians Xbox One Forza Horizon 2 PS3 Little Big Planet 2 PS3 Metal gear Rising PS3 Dragonball Raging Blast 2 PS3 All Stars Battle Royale PS3 Metro Last Light PS3 Kill Zone 2 PS3 Dragonball Raging Blast PS3 Deus Ex Human Revolution PS3 Haze PS3 Tomb Raider Under World PS3 Dragon Age Origins PS3 Little Big Planet PS3 Resistance 3 PS3 Street Fighter PS3 Game Of The Year Edition PS3 God Of War PS3 Dark Siders II PS3 Batman Arkham City PS3 Anarchy Reigns PS3 Sonic Unleashed PS3 Up PS3 Castlevania Lord Of Shadow PS3 Crysis 2 PS3 Sleeping Dogs PS3 Watchmen PS3 Terminator Salvation PS3 Diablo 3 PS3 Darksiders PS3 Mortal Kombat vs DC Unvese PS3 DMC Devil May Cry PS3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PS3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm PS3 Assassin's Creed Rogue PS3 Bordelands Game of the Year Edition PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 Farcry 2 PS3 Bioshock Infinite PS3 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Assassin's Creed PS3 Transformers The Game PS3 Medal of Honor PS3 The Saboteur PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3 Assassin's Creed Revelations PS3 The Darkness II PS3 Dead or Alive Ultimate 5 PS3 The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion - 5th Anniversary PS3 Way of the Samurai 3 PS3 Alice Madness Returns PS3 The Darkness PS3 Devil May Cry - HD Collection PS3 Dishonored PS3 Resident Evil 5 - Gold PS3 Mirror's Edge PS3 Fallen Angel Sacred 2 PS3 Remember 2 PS3 Resident Evil Revelations PS3 Killzone 3 Collector's Edition PS3 Tekken 6 PS3 Prince of Persia PS3 Last Rebellion PS3 Agarest Generations of War PS3 Prince of Persia Trilogy HD PS3 Enslaved PS3 Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City PS3 Puppeteer PS3 Bullterstrom PS3 Ninja Gaiden 2 - Razor's Edge PS3 Alien vs Predator PS3 Ninja Gaiden 3 PS3 FEAR PS3 Brink PS3 Dungeon Siege III PS3 X-Blades PS3 Resistance Fall of Man PS3 Soul Calibur V PS3 Soul Calibur IV PS3 Assassin's Credd III PS3 Tomb Raider PS3 LitteBigPlanet 2 PS3 Iron Man 2 PS3 God of War Ascension PS3 The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion PS3 FEAR 2 PS3 Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 Call of Duty 3 PS3 No More Heroes PS3 Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Stranglehold PS3 Deus Ex Human Revolution - Director's Cut PS3 Copa do Mundo da Fifa Brasil 2014 PS3 Mass Effect 2 PS3 Aliens Colonial Marine's PS3 NeverDead PS3 Dead of Alive 5 PS3 Marvel Ultimate Aliance 2 PS3 Dragonball Z Burst Limit PS3 The Godfathe The Don's Edition PS3 God of War Collection PS3 Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 Condemned 2 PS3 The Tomb Raider Trilogy PS3 Assassin's Creed III PS3 Assassin's Creed III PS3 The Chronicles of Riddick PS3 Batman Arkham Origins PS3 God of War III PS3 Lair PS3 Mortal Kombat PS3 Uncharted 2 PS3 Toy Story PS3 Genji Days of The Blade PS3 The Sims 3 PS3 Viking PS3 Front Mission Evolved PS3 Homefront PS3 Borderlands PS3 Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City PS3 Syndicate PS3 Uncharted 3 PS3 ModNation Racers PS3 War in the North PS3 Afro Samurai PS3 Uncharted Drake's Fortune PS3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 PS3 Marvel Superhero Squad PS3 Transformers War for Cybertron PS3 Gran Turismo 6 PS3 Wipeout HD Fury PS3 Battlefield Bad Company PS3 Dragon's Dogma PS3 Mafia II PS3 Lost Planet 2 PS3 Max Payne 3 PS3 The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim PS3 Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen PS3 Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Kane & Lynch 2 PS3 Marvel Ultimate Aliance PS3 The Last of Us PS3 Silent Hill Homecoming PS3 Lords of Shadow 2 PS3 Dark Souls II PS3 WET PS3 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PS3 Sonic Generations PS3 Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Farcry 3 PS3 Naruto Ultima Ninja Storm Generations PS3 Sonic 2006 PS3 Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing PS3 Saint Row - The Third Xbox 360 Dark Souls II - Black Armor Edition Xbox 360 Splinter Cell - Conviction Xbox 360 The Biggest Loser Xbox 360 Halo 3 Wii Epic Mickey Wii Resident Evil Wii The Conduit Wii Madworld Wii Sonic Colors Wii Fling Smash WiiU Sonic Lost World WiiU ZombiU WiiU Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  10. Marcellus

    [VENDO] Xbox One - R$ 800

    Vendido pro LOP
  11. Marcellus

    [VENDO] Xbox One - R$ 800

    Vendo console Xbox One com um controle por R$ 800,00. Vendo também os acessórios abaixo: - Controle Xbox One sem P2 - R$ 150,00 - Kinect - R$ 250,00 Sou de Brasília/DF.
  12. Marcellus

    Vendo jogos de WiiU

  13. Marcellus

    Xbox One - Futuro?

    Onde tava esse incomodo todo na geração passada quando malhavam o PS3?
  14. Marcellus

    O que você está jogando ultimamente?

    Mais de 50h em Yakuza 5 e aparentemente longe de acabar!