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  1. Nobuo Uematsu eh Deus... OST tah maravilhosa!!
  2. Algumas curiosidades e esclarecimentos sobre o filme: - First of all, the wolf is of course the Cloud's symbol (see the wolf's symbolism meaning and Fenrir's story - Fenrir is the name of the Cloud's bike -). Nomura adds too that the scenes where the wolf appears are at the cliff where Zacks was killed, the Forgotten Capital and the church. The wolf symbolizes Cloud's feelings of regret towards the events associated in these places. Once he's able to settle all these the wolf (Cloud's feelings) return to normal and disappears. So the Wolf = Cloud's scene of regret too. - The black substance Sephiroth summoned was a kind of negative Lifestream, from the people who had died of Geostigma. - There's a meaning to the number of birds seen flying over the mounts of wreckage, but they don't say what it is. - There's a meaning to the angel statue, but they didn't say what. - Some of the commentary staff asked what was that black thing that appeared when Kadaj stepped into the water, to which someone replied that it was the the dye from his clothes bleeding. Really, it's the will/'shinen' overflowing from Kadaj that's flowing into the water, like Kadaj himself (being a 'shinentai'/remnants) flowing into the water. - The reason Bahamut Shin is digging where the memorial statue was is because Kadaj ordered him, believing Jenova's head was there. - The scene where everyone helps Cloud jump up towards Bahamut Shin is called the 'Relay Battle', and is a homage to the scene from the game's ending where when Cloud reachs up towards the light Tifa is holding out her hand. - There's a lot more languages in the FFVII world besides Japanese. - Rufus's left hand is hidden, but he has Jenova's head at that point in time. There were some people doing the commentary who didn't know about that. - The reason the children's movements are quite super-human is because they drank the water mixed with Kadaj's will, and Sephified them. - The scene with the Kadaj and Rufus in the building was added later. There's a meaning behind the '13' on the building they're in, but they didn't say what. - The name of the Bahamut in the film is "Bahamut SHIN" (Tremor). This name was only revealed with the figure, so it's not well known. The names of FFVII's Bahamuts come from old Japanese fighter planes. (KAI/Neo, REISHIKI/Zero, SHIN/Tremor). - The scene where water bursts out in the church was a homage to the game's ending where the Lifestream flows out from the ground. For that reason, the camera angle was made the same. - Since they had really wanted a scene showing Tifa and Aerith's connection, they added the "so you've been with us all along" scene. --- informaçoes do Nomura, dizem...
  3. Pra quem não baixou ainda, upei o filme... Link direto e rápido Filme =>> http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~marcelom/Filmes/bien-xvid-ff7.avi Legenda =>> http://www.inf.ufsc.br/~marcelom/Filmes/bien-xvid-ff7.ssa
  4. Pow, Strife e Ultima, falem logo da tal cena MP entao...
  5. Agora falem seus putos
  6. tga

    Final Fantasy Advent Children Legendado em BR

    Strider, tem como voce postar uma foto de alguma cena com a legenda aparecendo??? Agradeço
  7. tga

    Final Fantasy Advent Children Legendado em BR

    Ma pq nao tem o anime? Nao eh copiado do DVD japones? Ou sera que o anime vem em outro disco do "pacote"?
  8. faz isso plz!! são "apenas" 272 falas, contra quase 600 do AC sem bem que pra 25 min contra 1h40 parece que tem muitaa fala nesse anime
  9. Xenogue, hj a noite eu passo pra ti a legenda q tenho em casa. Eh a que o Strife arrumou, e depois eu corrigi os timing pra algumas falas, ta quase perfeita...
  10. Soh mais uma coisa: use a legenda que o Strife traduziu, parece a melhor ate agora. link: http://rapidshare.de/files/5107587/FF7AC_l...Strife.zip.html tem em portugues E ingles em Portugues Plz.. Minha compra eh garantida flw!!
  11. Uma coisa que nao entendi. O DVD-R q voce tem jah tah com legenda em ingles embutida?? Nao tem como tira-la? Outra coisa: Ainda nao tem uma legenda muito boa em portugues. Parece que o Strife tah arrumando uma. Vc tem messenger Xenogue??
  12. Xenogue, de uma olhada nesse forum: http://forum.clubedohardware.com.br/index.php?showforum=55 tem varios topicos sobre legendas Voce tem um arquivo de 4,3GB que eh .avi?
  13. ah, e se for com ESSA CAPINHA: http://www.ff7acmovie.com/gallery-1.5-RC3/...let_outside.jpg DVD-R (4,3 GB), compro por R$15
  14. Quando alguem tiver em DVD-R com uma legenda decente em portugues, EU COMPRO