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Game pra quem gosta de narrativa e um bom suspense:

The Until Dawn-esque Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive indie game title, Oxenfree, will be launching in January 2016. The game has a premise similar to Supermassive Games’ PS4 exclusive cult hit, as it follows teenagers who inadvertently and unwittingly open up a supernatural rift, and then find themselves facing the horrors within.

“Our team builds games that let players interact with stories in ways. In Oxenfree’s case, that is a story filled with wonder and danger. Microsoft’s commitment to curating and nurturing the most exciting new game worlds and then delivering them to millions of players make them the perfect partner to help bring Oxenfree to life,” said Sean Krankel, cofounder of Night School Studio.

The game will, like Until Dawn, feature an intelligent conversation system, that lets you develop relationships with other game characters, and also changes how the story plays out. It is a game that all Xbox One and PC players should definitely keep an eye on.

Stay tuned, then, and we’ll

Read more at http://gamingbolt.com/oxenfree-launching-on-xbox-one-and-windows-10-in-january-2016#VBXhbBOFggyzJrW5.99

Recomendadíssimo para @@Cerial, @@Vini, @@Ricko e @@ITA

Desculpa se eu esqueci, mas quem mais estava curtindo Life is Strange e Until Dawn? :~

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Ele se assemelha a Until Dawn por ser um suspense com jovens viajando para algum lugar, e pelo fato de ser um game de narrativa.

As mecânicas de narrativa e gameplay podem ser completamente diferente, inclusive a história.

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