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Burusa proibida em varios paises.

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Omega Labyrinth Z se tornou o primeiro jogo banido do Reino Unido desde 2007, quando Manhunt foi proibido. Seguindo o que aconteceu na Alemanha, Nova Zelandia, Australia e Irlanda, a VSCRB se recusou a dar uma classificação ao jogo; Entre alguns motivos estão (em inglês, pq preguiça):


* Sections in which players must touch characters all over their bodies to arouse them, removing their clothes when successful.

* A scene in which players place honey on the girls' bodies for a dog to lick off, which also arouses them (prompting further loss of clothes).


* A mechanic in which the quality of crystals can only be identified if they are placed between a character's breasts, which must then be fondled.
The VSC notes the crystal itself "has a clearly phallic quality to it".

* A hot-spring mini-game that also focuses on fondling breasts

* A level-up system in which the player-character's breast increase by a cup size each time they advance. An official press release for the game challenges players to "reach maximum boobage" and achieve a Z-cup for most powerful special attack





Fonte: GBATemp

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adorei o logo tipo do W huahauhhauha


vou postar esse video no Morena Socialista



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