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Esse é um jogo que empolgaria no 360 pelo nivel de detalhamento que poderia alcançar...

A Square poderia fazer um Monster Hunter.

Imagina só caçar um Bahamut!!!

Sensacional :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:

Peguei do forum Teamxbox:

horrible translation


At the カプコン way, that presently development is decisive the software "monster hunter for PS3 3 (the tentative name)" wants transplanting to also one for propriety XBOX360, you think and propose. The software "monster hunter" for PS2 which "monster hunter G" "monster hunter 2" is sold already, the software "monster hunter portable" for PSP and up-to-date work "monster hunter portable 2nd" has become the record hit commodity. You fascinate in large natural clean description, hunt the numerous monster, as for the person who is taken heart in the charm which keeps building up the weapon guard of the enormous quantity you think that it is many. And not only Japan the monster hunter is sold even in the foreign country, hunter population is spreading to the world. And, new work software "monster hunter to of the next generation machine PS3 3 (the tentative name)" there is development announcement, expectation to more and more this game it keeps increasing. But the expectation insecurity to the next generation machine, PS3 contrarily (price efficiency and the like) you think that the fact that it has not rubbed yet is present condition. XBOX360 which is sold already in Japan seems that spread does not do yet, but it is sold in the world and the sale quantity is considerable ones. As for without being something which efficiency betrays expectation you think that it is sort of consent. It is the sale of the monster hunter, also with XBOX360 whose "net cooperation play" is strong in the net it is the expectation which you can play comfortably. The fact that it floats then, is the conception, multi-platform. It does not mean "monster hunter 3 (the tentative name)" it is that PS3 is useless, to like you to give the choices to the user which has been anticipated it does. The PS3 XBOX360 respective user through the net, "monster hunter 3 (the tentative name)" we would like you to develop in the software like the dream which can be played here propose. - The demand point utilization yes of the voice kyat by the distribution of the adjustment patch of the sales promotion game balance which is due to the distribution of and the like ゲーマーズアイコン and the distribution play movie etc. of theme and distribution of the new map and the like or sale headphone (text kyat combined use in server selective yes or come awaying person ゲーマータグ side of classified by) language indicatory with of national flag image addition of the doing being packed element "the result" The monster hunter 360 project summary sight was started. Please click description below "reference HP". Reference HP | idea correction past record

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Review
Japan's baby storms our shores -- but does it steal our hearts?
by Greg Miller

Monster Hunter Freedom 2: if you haven't heard of it, you're obviously not from Japan. In March, the title sold 348,000 units -- that was 85 percent of Capcom's total sales in Japan for the month -- and became the first PSP game to sell a million units in the in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Now, the game that launched a million portables is hitting the states. With the exception of fearing Godzilla, America and Japan haven't always seen eye to eye. Can Monster Hunter Freedom 2's runaway success in a foreign land carry over to folks trading in their hard-earned
George Washingtons here?

No matter what happens on the sales charts, dedicated PSP owners owe it to their starving system to give this game a chance.
Set in the snowy Pokke Village, Monster Hunter casts you as -- surprise -- a monster hunter charged with keeping the village safe from packs of horrifying monsters such as the raptor-looking Giaprey and cousin-to-the-ape Blango as well as answering the general population's call for help gathering mountain herbs and mushrooms. You can get the strictly single-player missions from the friendly village chief who mills about her fire in town, or you can enter the gathering hall and grab quests for you to tackle on your own or take on with up to four ad-hoc friends.

What exactly are these quests like? Well, each set of objectives the village chief has are broken into ranked classes that feature three types of missions. Gathering quests have you collecting the aforementioned plants, hunting quests have you go after a specific beast, and slaying quests set you on a course to take out a certain number of specific bad guys. Once you've polished off all the quests in a rank, you can move onto the next set of problems.
From there, Monster Hunter gets complicated in the best possible way. You're going to farm, fish, hunt, slay, gather, customize, upgrade, modify, raise, treasure hunt and more before you get done with this title's more than 250 quests, more than 70 monsters, more than 700 weapons and more than 1,400 armor types. You'll name your character, choose a hair style, choose how your voice sounds and even get a house complete with a kitchen you can staff with meal-making cats.

Still, getting out into the wild and slaying a beast is what this game is all about. Let's say you've taken on a hunting quest for a Velocidrome, the blue and red leader of the Velociprey pack. You'll go to the village chief, look at the mission and need to ask yourself a question -- where is the quest?
See, your apparel affects how you play. If you run into the mountains in a light outfit, you're going to get cold, begin shaking and watch your stamina (the yellow meter that governs how much you can run or roll) begin to drop. If you go into the desert in your puffy mountain gear, you'll be too hot and suffer setbacks.

Remember how I said this game was complicated in a good way? This is what I was talking about. Let's say you ignored the "Where is the quest" question, took the job -- you'd have to pay a contract fee -- and ran into a snowy battle. You might get cold, but if you packed properly, you could drink a hot drink to fend off the frigid temperatures and eat a well-done steak to up your stamina.
Once you're in mission, the world -- of which there are ten-- is your oyster. If it's a gathering quest, you'll have to scour the map -- which is made up of a varying number of different zones -- looking for your objective; if it's a slaying quest, you'll need to go from place to place looking for the type of creature you need to kill; and if it's a hunting quest, you'll need to find the right monster to take out.

Now, the monster you're hunting is usually a bit bigger and a bit smarter than anything you've seen before. Earlier in my travels, I had taken out a handful of Giapreys -- birdlike carnivores -- with ease. However, when I was ordered to go after the pack's ruling Giadrome for the first time, I got a run for my money. Aside from having a more powerful attacks and a larger range, the giadrome knew when it was in trouble. When I'd nearly hacked it to death, the beast would flee the map in an attempt to either lose me or find backup. It's a great move that leads you to start packing paintballs, which can help track animals on the radar, and potions that help you find creatures on the map.
When the beast was beaten, I carved up the corpse and got some items -- depending on the creature, you'll get bones you can use to make weapons, hides for armor or some meat you can cook yourself.

If you get stuck on a quest -- a gathering hall quest -- you can always bring in some ad-hoc help. A GameSpy editor who shall remain nameless was having some trouble besting a baddie and called in the big guns -- me. We went into battle, I showed him how to use the BBQ spit and ability-enhancing armor seeds, and we kicked the crap out of some monsters.
Just like the overall game, multiplayer is simple but deep. You go into the hall, one of you accepts a quest, and the other chooses that quest off the job board. If you wanted to, you could sit in the hall, drink, exchange stat-recording guild cards and more. In a given mission, you can stick together or spread out and shout out a map section number when you locate a bad guy.

As deep and engaging as Monster Hunter is -- and it really, really is -- the title does stumble on its epic journey. Namely, the camera sucks and was the reason for me getting blindsided and killed more times than I'd like to remember.
I'll set the stage for you. I'm in the Snowy Mountains trying to kill a big ol' boar. In general this guy isn't tough -- he steps back, lowers his head and rushes at me. I roll out of his way and then begin slicing and dicing with my dual swords. Cake, right?

Problems pop up when another enemy enters the fight. Without a lock-on, I was left to use the camera-center button. It might not sound bad, but the camera doesn't rotate to the centered position; it jumps to that view. So, I'm centered on the boar coming at me; I roll and re-center; and then, I turn toward the boar and center again. Basically, I've made three camera moves that leave me with three snapshots of the battlefield.
That's not good -- especially when a Giaprey enters the level on a side I never got a snapshot of.

The beast jumps on me, it knocks me down, and the boar runs me over before I have the chance to get up. You could make the argument that I should've swiveled the POV with the D-Pad, but in the heat of battle, I'm not too keen on taking my thumb off the control stick in a game where my best defense is being fleet footed.
Beyond that, I personally felt the combat system was one of the downsides to the game. The enemy will launch its attack, and you'll roll to get to the side. As the enemy rotates toward you, you'll need to rotate toward them and slash from there. Lots of times, you'll start slashing and find you're not pointed in the right direction or not close enough.

It's frustrating, but my combat-related complaint might just be me projecting how I wish the game controlled. Although the turning and slashing irked me, when you get to gigantic monsters and dragons later on, you'll be relying on traps, bombs and objects far more than your puny sword.
Closing Comments
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is a deep and fun experience that's -- sadly -- only going to appeal to a very select group of gamers. The learning curve in the beginning will keep the riff-raff away, but those who stick around will find hundreds of quests, items to combine and a serious upgrade game sure to keep them -- and their ad-hoc friends -- entertained for a ton of hours.

7.5 Presentation
The navigation system is solid with one flaw -- you have to go into the menu and then scroll to "pause." Forget answering your phone if it rings and you're in an intense battle.

8.0 Graphics
The animations look great, the monsters are detailed, and the changes you can make to your armor and hair are vast. Some of the environments are blocky, but it's forgivable.

8.5 Sound
There's a sweeping score, vocal performances for your character and some NPCs and a plethora of grunts and death cries for your enemies.

7.5 Gameplay
The lack of lock-on is a major disappointment, but the hundreds of additional things you can do help make up for it.

8.5 Lasting Appeal
Beat the more than 250 single/muliplayer hunting, slaying and gathering quests? Try treasure hunting, fishing and gardening while you wait for the upcoming downloadable content.


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Jogando e quase passando da parte chata da curva de aprendizagem. Em breve o jogo ficará divertido pacas. Mal posso esperar.

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A parte de aprender fazer um churrasco no ponto do 1*, foi revoltante :mua:

Tava lendo que vc pode convertar seu save do 1* p/ o 2*, mas a Capcom foi esperta em não converter as melhores armas.

Tinha gente pensado que iria começar o game totalmente overpower.

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Tentei no PS2 e achei entediante DEMÁS.

Hype zero, ainda que eu tivesse um PSP!

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Esse jogo serve bem demais que gosta de multiplayer, beat'em up e rpg.

Jogar-lo-ei fervosorsamente.

Kd vossa senhoria para confeccionarmos, juntos, uma armadura de Rathian que lhe caiba?

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A Capcom revelou hoje no Japão, uma edição especial do portátil Sony PSP baseado no update do game Monster Hunter 2, único game do portátil a passar de 1 milhão de unidades vendidas.
O pack vem com:
* Monster Hunter Strap
* Monster Hunter Pouch
* Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G UMD Game
* PSP Monster Hunter Special Edition
Este pack estará disponível no Japão a partir de 27 de Março, por ¥$25,800.

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Segundo informações iniciais, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, upgrade da versão original p/ PSP, chegou a 670 mil unidades vendidas em sua 1* semana de vendas. P/ se ter uma idéia, Monster Hunter Portable vendeu 497 mil unidades no mesmo período de venda.
Foram aproximadamente 652 mil unidades + 17 mil bundles de psp e games vendidos.

A franquia cresce a cada edição lançada.

Fonte: Kotaku.com

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esse jogo no wii deve vender muito, deve ter aumentado demais a expectativa em cima dele

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Depois de passar quase 1 ano após a bombastica conferencia da Nintendo, aonde a Capcom anunciou a mudança de plataforma p/ o game Monster Hunter 3, a softhouse quebrou o silencio e liberou novas imagens.
vgBR Thumbnailer
vgBR Thumbnailer
vgBR Thumbnailer
vgBR Thumbnailer
vgBR Thumbnailer

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Será que vai usar o esquema de voz do Animal crossing? Ou tenho que jogar esse jogo por skype como o de ps2 e psp?

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o pior é friend codes ...


Não leva nem um minuto para registrar. Pior seria se você tivesse que comprar, coisa que nem deve fazer, mesmo se pretender jogar, oras! :P

Tem que pensar é se vai ser online (coisa que o Mike não falou), se vai ser compatível com o Wii Speak, como o Vivacqua citou, e, sendo online, quantos poderão jogar juntos, se a conexão vai ser boa, controles, etc.

Reclamação a respeito de friend codes é coisa do ano passado, arrume outra!


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MH Tri~ será pay to play pelo que estão falando, então deverá ter um sistema diferente p/ suas partidas online. Deverá se utilizar de um servidor exclusivo da Capcom, assim como todos os games da EA.
Alias, os games da EA no Wii se utilizam do EA Nation, bastando apenas colocar seu nick e senha p/ logar e jogar online.

vgBR Thumbnailer
Official Homepage

Town - Desert Village ( Online Lobby ) Water Village ( Offline )

New Field - Unexplored Island

New Monsters - Water Dragon e novas espécimes.

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1 friend code por jogo?

que nojo

1 friend code por pessoa E por jogo ...

-SM- ou seja vc tem um friend code diferente pra cada jogo q vc joga, e tem q ficar passando pros outros ... pior q a pessoa não fica sabendo q vc adicionou ela, ela tem q te adicionar tb as cegas .... ou combinar no msn

putz, será pago ....

vou jogar só com tela repartida em 4 mesmo ... ou esperar a versão PSP ...

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