Achievements de Flashback Origins

A equipe do Xbox360Achievements postou a lista de conquistas para o game Flashback Origins, remake para Xbox Live Arcade e Playstation Network do clássico game lançado originalmente no Megadrive .
A versão para o console da Mirosoft deverá aparecer em Agosto, por meio do Summer of Arcade 2013.

Flashback Origins.03_080713

Teremos 12 conquistas no total de 400 g:

Finish Him | 10
You have killed an enemy by finishing him.

Rookie | 20
You have completed the game in Easy mode.

Agent | 40
You have completed the game in Normal mode.

Super Agent | 60
You have completed the game in Hard mode.

Big Bang | 20
You have killed 200 enemies with explosives.

Heavy Fire | 20
You have killed 500 enemies with the Heavy Shot.

Terminator | 20
You have killed 50 enemies with an Execution.

Hero | 50
Conrad has reached level 30.

Galactic Explorer | 40
You have reached 100% in World Exploration.

Fight Club | 20
You have killed 50 enemies with a melee attack.

Master of Virtuality | 50
You have completed all VR challenges.

Maximum Overdrive | 50
You have obtained the maximum level for every upgrade.

Mike Andrade

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